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Russian Language School in Kiev, Ukraine

I’m Irina, an experienced Russian teacher who’s been teaching Russian language for 19 years. I’m fascinated by teaching foreigners and absolutely in love with Russian language. All the teachers are Russian natives. Our team have many secrets to teach you Russian fast and efficiently and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Our teaching methods are the following:

  • Finding an individual approach to every student who learns Russian because there are fast and slow learners.

We do understand that people are different. Some need to focus on grammar, the others want to pactise speaking and listening.

  • Our team work with every student individually. At the lessons we focuse on your mistakes and create an individual studying plan which fits you best. Our school has worked out a lot of useful methods and materials to teach you.
  • Another important method is the communicative aspect that our teachers provide at the online lessons and during our Russian week in Kyiv course. As native speakers we create communicative situations in class and it is impossible to remain silent. As a result you speak Russian 80% at the lesson. Our beginner students of our school start speaking Russian from the 5th lesson. 
  • Online classes are held via Skipe, WhatsApp, Zoom, Teams and other platforms for studying.
  • Our students are from all over the world: Finland, USA, Sweden, Chili, Brazil, France, India, Switzerland, Germany, Italy,England and others.

So, surrounded by Russian native speakers and modern, interactive methods of teaching, you will speak Russian as your native language very soon at our school.

Russian language classes, courses, lessons online, video, tours

Individual Russian lessons 

It’s a perfect option for students who want fast progress and profound knowledge.

Online Russian Speaking Club

Every Russian learner has to speak a lot. At speaking clubs we discuss Russian movies, talk about TV news, articles and just chat chat chat.

Russian grammar classes on WhatsApp

Studying Russian with an online group is a good opportunity for those who are too busy, it’s a chance to improve grammar fast.

Russian alphabet course on WhatsApp

Our school teachers as Russian natives provide a phonetic course for beginners to learn Russian alphabet and reading.

Learn Russian in Kiev, Ukraine. Language tours in Kiev

You are in Kyiv and want to study Russian? You have a great oppontunity to have Russian lessons offline along with touring Kyiv. Explore Ukraine and study Russian.

Russian Video Language Course

Watching Russian movies in Russian is the best way to learn the language. Subtitles both in Russian and English will help to understand them better.