Individual Russian lessons – language tour to Kiev Ukraine

Individual lessons in Kyiv


Lessons in Kyiv

You are in Kiev and looking for a possibility to pick up some Russian to be able to understand locals?

You are in love with a Ukrainian girl and going to ask her for dinner?

You are learning Russian and looking for a possibility to improve your level?

Language tour in Kiev is what you need. We are very flexible with the time and intensity of the lessons. Some of our students prefer to have one hour lesson a day, others have more than three hours every day. It depends on a person and his goals. You can choose what fits personally you.

Our teachers can arrive at your office for lessons or you can meet in the city cafes, co-working places etc. If you want to save your time and study online we will teach you on Zoom, WhatsApp, Teams etc.

According to your level and  needs we will prepare an individual studying plan. You’ll be able to speak basic Russian in a couple of weeks.

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