Video courses

You are a beginner and you learn Russian from scratch? We’ll start with pronunciation and phonetics. Join up to learn Russain alphabet and reading in 14 days. 

Russian idioms are still a challedge for you? We’ve prepared a two week video course of 42 idioms. You’ll be able to use Russian idioms in your speech fluently.

Russian cases make you feel sick? You’ll learn them in almost two weeks (which is 18  grammar lessons)! Master six Russian cases and use them proudly!

Our intensive grammar course is a great opportunity to improve your grammar and save your money. You’ll get grammar tasks every day. Improve your grammar now.


An individual course which includes original Russian movies with Russian subtitles + PDF exercises to check comprehension and tasks to discuss what you’ve watched.


Russian Video Language Course

Let’s learn Russian slang and commonly used phrases through Soviet comedy. The course is based on short funny movies about Soviet times. You’ll learn about Russian culture and traditions, weird habits of Russians.

Videos to learn Russian

Russian summer

Russian course consists of 12 sets of PDF worksheets which are sent to you every week during summer. Tasks include reading, writing, listening, grammar and speaking. It’s the best way to improve your knowledge during the summer.

Russian idioms

Your level is B1 or higher? Time to study idioms which make you sounds like a native.

Idiom course includes video lessons with the explanation of the idiom origin, examples. All the lessons have both Russian and English subtitles.

Russian movies

You want to watch movies in Russian? Russian movies course is the best way to do it. Along with the movie you’ll get PDF worksheets for comprehension and speaking practice.

Cases in Russian language

Russian cases in the most difficult part of learning Russian. You need to get charts and rules and lots of exercises to practise them. The course will help to learn Russian cases in ten days.

Intensive grammar course

Speaking Russian fluently is not possible without knowing grammar rules. The course will help you to learn or revise main grammar topics in Russian language.

Russian alphabet and reading

Are you starting to learn Russian? The course will help you learn Russian letters, basic reading and correct pronunciation. You’ll also learn elementary grammar.

Russian comedy

Do you want to learn Russian thought comedy videos? It’s an effective way to practise comprehension and correct pronunciation. The course consists of Russian comedy movies and PDF worksheets to complete.