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Russian idioms video course

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Russian idioms video course

Эй, Борис! Не лезь не в своё дело! Хоть у тебя и семь пядей во лбу, я сделаю это сам!

Can you understand it? There are two idioms in this conversation не лезь не в своё дело and семь пядей во лбу. The first means not to stick nose in somebody’s things and the other is ” very clever”.

But you would never get the meaning of the given idioms without knowing them because you can’t translate them literally.

Having taught Russian for 12 years I’ve never come across a good book on Russian idioms. Saying a GOOD one I mean a book which contains idioms and phrasal verbs + explanation + etimology of the saying + exercises to memorise them + speaking practice to learn to use Russian idioms.

Using all my materials I’ve collected during years of working as a Russian teacher and adding them with the information I found in etimological dictionaries I’ve created a course which teaches Russian idioms from all the aspects.

What you’ll get with the course:

  • A course of 14 video lessons;
  • Each lesson contains a video presentation of 3 idioms + PDF worsheets;
  • A final challenge – a TEST on all 42 idioms;
  • I’ll check your PDF worksheets and send you back with the correstions.

The cost of the video course this month is 60$!

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