Russian week in Kiev – language tour to Ukraine

Russian week in Kyiv


Learn Russian and tour Ukraine

You know lots of rules, Russian cases, Verbs of movement but still can’t speak Russian fluently? What about a Language Tour to Ukraine?

Come learn Russian with us in Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine.

We are going to combine learning Russian and sightseeing Kyiv

Russian week in Kyiv

Our Russian tutors and guides will make you fall in love with Russian language during Russian Week in Kyiv language tour. Kyiv is beautiful in every season of the year. Every week is good to explore Ukraine.

Russian Week in Kyiv includes:

Dear Russian learner, you can choose excursions yourself here:

or learn more about the typical Language Tour schedule:

Program plan:

First day:

  • Breakfast
  • 2-3 hours of Russian lessons
  • Lunch break
  • An excursion to Podol ( cultural center of Kiev) where you can see the oldest Kiev transport cable car, a church on the water, the Dnipro River, a ferris wheel. You can enjoy your rest at the lake afterwards.

* You’ll have a lot of speaking practice while sightseeing  as we are going to give you a lot of opportunities to talk to locals.


Second day:

  • Breakfast
  • An excursion to the open air museum of Ukrainian architecture and culture, a 150 acres of land with old houses and mills transported from all over Ukraine to show how Ukrainians lived in 16 – 19 centures. There you’ll be able to see household things, national events and holidays as well as craftsmen at work.
  • Lunch in a Ukrainian restaurant
  • 2-3 hours of Russian lessons in the afternoon
Russian week in Kyiv
Language tours to Kiev

Third day:

  • Breakfast
  • Russian lessons
  • Lunch time
  • An excursion to Kyiv- Pechersk Lavra which is the main Ukrainian church. We’ll go to the underground caves where monks lived in early times. The other sight is Second World War museum which is a shocking and spectacular place to visit of you want to see military cars, helicopters, tanks, weapons. Among the exhibits are: letters which soldiers wrote ( in Russian!) to their families during the war, household things, gloves made of human skin in concentration camps in Germany and other shocking things
russian language classes

Fourth day:

  • Breakfast
  • 2 -3 hours of Russian lessons
  • Lunch break
  • A walk around the city center. You’ll see Kreschatik and Maydan Nezalezhnosty with its Street museum of Ukrainian Revolution. You’ll be able to drop in souvenirs shops, go shopping, visit a Jelly fish museum, have rest in Mariinsky park and see the government buildings there.

Fifth day:

  • An early breakfast
  • An excursion to Mezhigorie, Ukrainian ex-presidents’ mansion. You will visit a zoo, feed fish and ducks there, play golf on the biggest golf field, see Putin guest house, a Galleon ( a meeting hall ship) and just enjoy stunning nature.
  • Lunch break
  • 2-3 hours of Russian lessons

Sixth day:

  • Breakfast
  • A walk in the old city. You’ll see Andryivsky descend with its street art and craftsmen, Bulgakov ( an author of Master and Margarita novel) museum, a museum of Ukrainian history and money, St. Sophia’s cathedral and Michail church, Chernobyl museum.
  • Lunch break
  • 2- 3 hours of Russian lessons
Learn Russian and tour Ukraine

Seventh day (Test day):

  • Breakfast
  • A relaxing day  on the beach by the river. Climbing park, canoeing, swimming, bungee jumping and other exciting activies
  • Final Russian tests
  • Free time

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Our prices:

Full 7 day Russian Week in Kiev language tour is 1500$ at hight season, visiting us in winter you can save up to 300$

  • Accomodation: 30$ per day
  • Lessons: 20$ an hour

( the number of lessons can vary from 1 to 4 a day)

  • Excursions around Kyiv: 50$
  • Tours around Ukraine: from 80$ + ( the price depends on the distance)

* Extra expenses: Food, Transportation, Museum fees and tickets

Learn Russian and tour Ukraine